The 14 Most Fair Dinkum Tattoos Known To Man

If you’re getting a tat, make it patriotic. That’s the Australian way.

1. The Aussie Pride. Fair Dinkum mate.

*Fair Dinkum = authentic, true in Aussie slang. Source: Wikipedia

ID: 1961336

With bonus points for native wildlife.

davo1961 / Via Flickr: 24447109@N08
ID: 1961348

Aussie Pride, Roo, Emu AND Ned Kelly = GOLD

ID: 1961356

2. The Made In Australia.

ID: 1961463

The dirtier the better.

ID: 1961466

3. The Southern Cross.

ID: 1961849

4. About as Aussie as it gets.

ID: 1961855

Goes great with a baggy green*

Hamish Blair / Getty Images
  • Baggy green = Australian cricket cap. This is Aussie fast bowler Peter Siddle.
ID: 1961234

And with native wildlife bling.

ID: 1953460

5. The Australian Made.

ID: 1961327

No pain, no gain.

ID: 1961496

With Eureka, Flag, Cross and Pride bonuses. Onya.

ID: 1953433

6. The Australia Combo.

ID: 1961229

Typically spotted at the beach.

Getty Images: Ian Waldie
ID: 1961221

7. The Boxing Kangaroo.

ID: 1961250

With bonus Southern Cross.

ID: 1952969

Bonza mate.

ID: 1961178

8. The Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.

ID: 1953284

9. The Beer Homage.

ID: 1961082

10. The Coat of Arms.

Getty Images
ID: 1961762

Fishing rods included.

ID: 1961812

11. The Australian Icon.

ID: 1961188

Any icon acceptable.

ID: 1961937

As long as it’s 100 percent Aussie.

ID: 1961947

Always beautiful.

ID: 1961468

13. The Ned Kelly.

ID: 1961231

The wilder the better.

ID: 1961334


ID: 1961475

14. Most Aussie of all: The Bogan Special.

ID: 1952854

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