These Surfing Siblings Are The Most Interesting Family On Instagram

Gold Coasters dubbed “Australia’s Kardashians”. Too busy surfing for TV show.

1. Meet the Coffeys, Aussie siblings who live to surf.

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2. Look up “Australian Family” in the Macquarie Dictionary and most likely this is what you’ll find.

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3. The entire family are on Instagram.

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4. But they’ve been photogenic forever.

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5. Eldest siblings Ellie-Jean and Holly-Sue have hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.

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6. The sisters are social media mavens.

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7. Also, killer surfers.

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8. After selling their home on Sydney’s northern beaches 10 years ago, the Coffeys enjoyed a nomadic existence traveling from one surfing contest to another.

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9. Now based on the Gold Coast, their lives revolve around waves, surfboards and bikinis.

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10. The Instagram feeds of Ellie-Jean, 19, and Holly-Sue, 16, feature them surfing, skateboarding and goofing around.

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11. Surfing.

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12. Skateboarding.

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13. And goofing around.

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14. But mainly bikinis.

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15. Lots…

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16. And lots…

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17. …and lots of bikinis. The Coffeys have a six-year family sponsorship with Billabong that supports their nomadic lifestyle.

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18. Speaking to Australian breakfast show Sunrise early this year, Ellie-Jean said: “As much as we’re competitive and we’re athletes, we’re also promoting a healthy lifestyle and we’re, you know, a little bit sexy.”

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19. “We’re in bikinis, we’re in the water constantly. Fortunately looking fit and well is just a result of training hard and leading a healthy lifestyle which surrounds a professional athlete.”

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20. After selling the family home to support their dreams, father Jase must be a very proud Dad.

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21. Jackson is the favourite son. Also the only son.

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22. He’s a pretty solid surfer too.

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23. He likes fishing.

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24. Hanging out with his sisters.

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25. And pumping sets.

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26. But mostly barrels.

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27. Little sister Ruby-Lee, 14, is a mermaid.

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28. A Queensland surf champion.

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29. And another fan of bikinis.

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30. With 14,000 Instagram followers, little sister Bonnie-Lou, 11, is no social media slouch either.

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31. What a family!

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32. What a lifestyle!

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33. Stand aside Bruce and Jenner: these guys are the coolest parents on the planet!

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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