44 Insanely Brilliant Vines That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Melbourne designer Matt Willis creates six-second video masterpieces. WHOA!

1. Australian stop-motion animation genius Matt Willis has been called The World’s Greatest Vine User.

2. He has an army of followers on Vine (157K and growing).

3. It’s not hard to see why.

4. He was previously included in BuzzFeed’s 35 Most Remarkable Vines of 2013.

5. And on Mashable’s 10 Best Users to Follow on Vine.

6. He’s a BIG deal in Vinelandia.

7. His work is ELECTRIC.

8. As @yelldesign on Vine, he creates magic from nothing!

9. Like everyone else, Matt’s first Vine was basically “whoa, WTF!?”

10. He quickly got patriotic.

11. He played with some toys.

12. And soon the surreal madness began.

13. Themes emerged. Food.

14. Anyone for breakfast?

15. Maybe breakfast in bed?

16. Cupsicums?

17. Or some kind of craziness with an avocado?

18. Yes, these really are magic mushrooms.

19. Lots of magic mushrooms.

20. Soon news started to spread.

21. Spread on the Vine grapevine.

22. Magic was happening.

23. @yelldesign was turning w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶w̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶wine into grapes.

24. He likes messing around with technology.

25. REALLY likes messing around with technology.

26. Particularly Apple technology.

27. Who said iPhones are too small to watch movies on?!

28. Waiting for Apple’s iWatch? You are not alone.

29. The new Apple TV? Here you go.

30. Downsizing? No dramas.

31. Simple solutions for complicated times.

32. Like the apple iPhone charger.

33. Imagine this. The Finger Iron!

34. Yelldesign’s work with paper is some kind of crazy 21st century animated origami kind of shit.

35. Beautiful organic origami orgasms.

36. Every Vine a journey into an alternate universe.

37. Every medium he turns his hand to, he brings to life.

38. Tape? No problem.

39. Pasta? Why not.

40. Chopstickception? Tricky.

41. House of Cards.

42. Brands such as Chevrolet, Comedy Central and Disney Parks have employed @yelldesign to make Vines.

43. You can also check out @yelldesign on Instagram.

44. Take a bow Matt. You are MAGIC!

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