44 Insanely Brilliant Vines That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Melbourne designer Matt Willis creates six-second video masterpieces. WHOA!

1. Australian stop-motion animation genius Matt Willis has been called The World’s Greatest Vine User.

ID: 2551466

2. He has an army of followers on Vine (157K and growing).

ID: 2552149

3. It’s not hard to see why.

ID: 2551885

4. He was previously included in BuzzFeed’s 35 Most Remarkable Vines of 2013.

ID: 2551483

5. And on Mashable’s 10 Best Users to Follow on Vine.

ID: 2551489

6. He’s a BIG deal in Vinelandia.

ID: 2551604

7. His work is ELECTRIC.

ID: 2551702

8. As @yelldesign on Vine, he creates magic from nothing!

ID: 2551431

9. Like everyone else, Matt’s first Vine was basically “whoa, WTF!?”

ID: 2551622

10. He quickly got patriotic.

ID: 2551647

11. He played with some toys.

ID: 2551660

12. And soon the surreal madness began.

ID: 2551658

13. Themes emerged. Food.

ID: 2551664

14. Anyone for breakfast?

ID: 2551671

15. Maybe breakfast in bed?

ID: 2551681

16. Cupsicums?

ID: 2552047

17. Or some kind of craziness with an avocado?

ID: 2551673

18. Yes, these really are magic mushrooms.

ID: 2551667

19. Lots of magic mushrooms.

ID: 2551942

20. Soon news started to spread.

ID: 2551721

21. Spread on the Vine grapevine.

ID: 2551677

22. Magic was happening.

ID: 2551684

23. @yelldesign was turning w̶a̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶w̶i̶n̶e̶ ̶wine into grapes.

ID: 2552017

24. He likes messing around with technology.

ID: 2551718

25. REALLY likes messing around with technology.

ID: 2552003

26. Particularly Apple technology.

ID: 2551945

27. Who said iPhones are too small to watch movies on?!

ID: 2551742

28. Waiting for Apple’s iWatch? You are not alone.

ID: 2551759

29. The new Apple TV? Here you go.

ID: 2551798

30. Downsizing? No dramas.

ID: 2551925

31. Simple solutions for complicated times.

ID: 2551786

32. Like the apple iPhone charger.

ID: 2551991

33. Imagine this. The Finger Iron!

ID: 2551748

34. Yelldesign’s work with paper is some kind of crazy 21st century animated origami kind of shit.

ID: 2551693

35. Beautiful organic origami orgasms.

ID: 2551871

36. Every Vine a journey into an alternate universe.

ID: 2551933

37. Every medium he turns his hand to, he brings to life.

ID: 2551715

38. Tape? No problem.

ID: 2551768

39. Pasta? Why not.

ID: 2551960

40. Chopstickception? Tricky.

ID: 2551900

41. House of Cards.

ID: 2551908

42. Brands such as Chevrolet, Comedy Central and Disney Parks have employed @yelldesign to make Vines.

ID: 2551725

43. You can also check out @yelldesign on Instagram.

ID: 2551690

44. Take a bow Matt. You are MAGIC!

ID: 2551917

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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