22 Perfect Maps Of Places That Don’t Actually Exist

Imagine the impossible. Via r/imaginarymaps.

1. The Disunited States Of America.

ID: 3227664

2. The Disunited States Of America (if Manifest Destiny had never caught on).

ID: 3227689

3. The 124 States of America (if all secession movements in U.S. history had succeeded).

ID: 3227673

4. British North America (if the American Revolution had never happened).

ID: 3227763

5. The Hypothetical US High Speed Rail Map.

Alfred Twu / Creative Commons / Via reddit.com
ID: 3227800

6. If only landlocked countries existed.

ID: 3227692

7. If Antarctica had forests instead of ice.

ID: 3227677

8. If George Orwell’s 1984 had come to pass.

ID: 3227694

9. If D-Day had never happened.

ID: 3227781

10. If Carthage had won the Punic Wars.

ID: 3227809

11. The Palestine Archipelago.

ID: 3227827

12. British Isles, 2100.

The9988 / Via reddit.com
ID: 3227823

13. Elements of the World.

Matthew Attard / Via reddit.com
ID: 3227877

14. Europe (alternative history version).

Rasmus Kongshøj / Via reddit.com
ID: 3227840

15. Europe over Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

ID: 3227768

16. And over the USA, attempting to accurately visualize the journeys of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins in The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

ID: 3230146

17. Gotham City.

ID: 3227794

18. H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands.

Jason Thompson / Via reddit.com
ID: 3227830

19. Jurassic Park.

ID: 3227829

20. Star Wars Known Universe.

ID: 3227797

21. Underground Game of Thrones.

ID: 3227804

22. Redditlandia.

ID: 3023045

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