21 Extremely Excited Reactions As Australia Win The Ashes

Australia have vanquished the old enemy to reclaim the biggest prize in cricket. posted on

1. After four years, three months and 24 days, Australia have reclaimed The Ashes.

2. There was jubilation in Perth and across the nation.

3. Jubilation!

4. Twitter had a hashtag ready.

6. #TheUrnReturns

First time we've used this in Australia! Message of congrats in everyone's timeline. #TheUrnReturns #Ashes

7. The PM was quick to send his congratulations.

Congratulations to Michael Clarke and the team on an emphatic victory. The urn returns! #Ashes

8. Labor’s leader glossed over the wilderness years.

9. Australia’s biggest brands jumped aboard.

10. The Australian captain was nominated for PM.

Michael Clarke is such a great speaker and always presents himself well, I think he should be our Prime Minister. #ashes #TheUrnReturns

12. Some people had found the wait agonising.

4 years, 3 months, 24 days. 225 weeks. 1577 days. The almost unending wait comes to an end. #TheUrnReturns to its rightful place, Australia!

14. And who cares if they’re drinking Peroni!?

Australia win The Ashes and drink Peroni? What's next - hummus and some chia loaf? Ah, who cares? They won. They can do what they want.

15. Cricket legends started their own hashtags.

16. Hamish worried about the wicket.

It will be really awkward if the urn drops down the canyon on the crease and we can't get it out. Other than that, perfect. #ashes

17. Andy was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'm on a Qantas plane, with a beer, that @RealHughJackman is on but still feel unAustralian that I missed the final wicket! #TheUrnReturns

19. What next!?

20. Bragging rights for starters!

You bloody ripper boys, gives us something to gloat about for a few years. #Ashes

Piers Morgan was forced to eat humble pie.

Congratulations @MClarke23 and your team. Australia have been as ferocious and determined as we've been weak, gutless & embarrassing #Ashes

England’s supporters offered a backhanded compliment.

Congratulations Australia on regaining the urn, your performances merited more supporters but deserved all the same. #we'llbeback

21. And a long night of well deserved partying for Man of the Match Steve Smith and his mates!

The 15cm tall Ashes urn contains a burnt cricket bail.

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