30 Mini Schnauzers Who Have Just About Had Enough Of Dressing Up

The longer you leave that thing on, the longer they have to plot their revenge.

1. Angry I am.

ID: 1063957

2. One minute more and I’ll fill your boots.

ID: 1063885

3. Carrots help you see in the dark? That’s when I’ll get you.

ID: 1063818

4. Are you proud of yourself? Hot dog. Really.

ID: 1063823

5. You said I’d look like David Beckham.

ID: 1063820

6. Don’t look at me.

ID: 1063822

7. I’ve just made this unusable.

ID: 1063833

8. My revenge will be in 3D.

ID: 1063849

9. If only you had a brain.

ID: 1063851

10. Where are the knitting needles kept?

ID: 1063860

11. This is childish.

ID: 1063854

12. I think you need your head examined.

ID: 1063864

13. You can’t call me flower if you want to.

ID: 1063868

14. Some suffer for fashion. I will make you all suffer.

ID: 1063881

15. Is your hand warm yet? I hope so.

ID: 1063895

16. Waterproof? I’ll eat your money and leave no proof.

ID: 1063890

17. You can go to cosplay alone this time.

ID: 1063891

18. Are you implying you wanted a Boxer Dog?

ID: 1063893

19. Worst. Birthday. Ever.

ID: 1063912

20. I’m not too chicken to carry out revenge.

ID: 1063897

21. I think I saw some chocolate in your stocking.

ID: 1063916

22. If I give a paw wlll you take this thing off?

ID: 1063926

23. Oh I’ll show you evil.

ID: 1063933

24. Matching. Great.

ID: 1063940

25. Spare the young one.

ID: 1063945

26. I really think this is too much.

ID: 1063953

27. ORLY? I’ve made you a poop deck.


ID: 1063960

28. Take them off now or you’ll be under the sea.

ID: 1063970

29. Elvis is dead and so are you.

ID: 1063973

30. How could you.

ID: 1063921

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