18 Super Cute Items Every Stationery Lover Needs

Rule the school.

1. These Mean Girls pencils.

ohhdeer / Via ohhdeer.com

You go, Glen Coco. Buy them here.

ID: 3722540

2. These creepily anatomical notebooks.

Yeshen Venema

By designer Fanny Shorter.

ID: 3722611

3. This jolly elephant tape dispenser.

Buy it here.

ID: 3724436

4. This wonderful DIY pen set.

Buy it here.

ID: 3723423

5. This elaborate calligraphy greetings card.

From Calligraphuck.

ID: 3722655

6. This totes amazeballs card.

From Kennington Lane Press.

ID: 3722640

7. This dinky pop-up card.

From Paper Tango.

ID: 3722680

8. These darling Nessie Pins.

Buy them here.

ID: 3723489

9. This bicycle card set.

From Chase and Wonder.

ID: 3722693

10. These gloriously shiny bulldog clips.

Buy them here.

ID: 3731151

11. These terribly honest stamps.

Buy them here.

ID: 3722740

12. These adorable city bookmarks.

From Another Studio.

ID: 3723020

13. This personalised new home stationery.

By Holly’s Houses.

ID: 3724534

14. This adorable grasshopper stapler.

Buy it here.

ID: 3722707

15. This swanky bespoke stationery.

By Romeo & Jules.

ID: 3724524

16. This robot notebook.

By designer Julie Davey.

ID: 3724943

17. This quirky crayon-scented perfume.

If you’re not going to do any work you can at least smell like you’ve been doing some colouring in. Buy it here.

ID: 3724852

18. And basically everything at Present &Correct.

Seriously, everything. Their stationery blog is also a thing of dreams.

ID: 3722969

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