30 Stages Of A Break Up According To Mindy

Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom…

1. The week after your break up, it starts to set in. You’ve resolved to binge eating sour straws and watching Titanic 20+ times.

You finally realize that Rose is a selfish bitch who could’ve shared that measly wooden plank with Jack.

ID: 1800978

2. Your house/bed looks like a cesspool of sorrow and a Goodwill donation center.

So much shit is out of place.

ID: 1800897

3. Let the gorging of ice cream commence! Or at least something close to it.

Mint chocolate chip is always there for you.

ID: 1800898

4. You don’t want to go to work but you have to go anyways.

They should exist!!

ID: 1800900

5. That one jackass can’t believe you’ve broken up with your significant other. You convince them and yourself that you hate your ex.

Respect the Ocean. Respect it.

ID: 1800909

6. You reminisce about the good times you had together.

Big Four

ID: 1801066

7. You decide it’s a good idea to go say “Hi!” to your ex and someone sane stops your dumb ass.

Using any means necessary. pizza boxes are acceptable restraints.

ID: 1801070

8. You realize you were an idiot.

ID: 1801056

9. Your friends convince you to go out, and you do but….

ID: 1800918

10. You end up dressing up somewhere between a colorblind hobo and Bjork. And some fucker calls you out on it.

ID: 1800930

11. You cry because nothing is going right.

ID: 1801060

12. And you need a pick me up, of course junk food is the answer.

It always is.

ID: 1800975

13. You’re feeling optimistic and get back on your feet!

ID: 1800988

14. Single life is setting in.

ID: 1800983

15. Normal life resumes but dear god you can’t bear to see happy people.

Couples disgust you presently

ID: 1800984

16. Sadness returns and you don’t give a shit about anything else except food.

Don’t fuck with a sad/hungry person

ID: 1801024

17. You need to clean your room/house and find something of theirs and the floodgates open.

ID: 1801035

18. Your friends are tired of consoling you, but they continue to do so anyways.

ID: 1801082

19. You decide to get naked wasted alone!!!

ID: 1801058

20. You delve into weird activities to preoccupy your time/distract you.

Underwater basket weaving anyone?

ID: 1801079

21. Your friends stage an intervention and set you straight…

…or verbally smack the shit out of you until you realize that they’re right.

ID: 1801133

22. You get ready to go out to da clubs and look so phresh.

ID: 1800985

23. You convinced your inebriated self that you’re getting naked tonight! I got my bros/hos, look like a rock solid 10, and “Ignition” just came on…Flame On bitchez!

Its game time.
It’s bumpin’ right up in thurrr.

ID: 1800896

24. You realize you got naked with some weird fuck and question your taste in wo/men.

ID: 1801009

25. Single life continues and this has become a weekly occurrence.


ID: 1801085

26. You contemplate becoming a celibate monk who lives in a subterranean cave in Bhutan.

ID: 1801135

27. You decide against it and go have a drink or 3…or 7.

ID: 1801093

28. You make a pact/goal with another single friend.

ID: 1801102

29. You finally move on and kick him/her to the curb!

Good for you!!

ID: 1801002

30. You run into that asshole who dissed you about your questionable style, and they tell you “You look fly as fuck.” You’ll probably bang…

Go for it.

ID: 1801130

But you should probably bathe after this…

ID: 1801131

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