The Nine Best Dance Videos From Egypt’s Elections

Many people chose not to vote in Egypt’s presidential election. Others chose to dance.

1. Men and women danced, using whatever they could for instruments.

2. Little kids did cute, little kid dances.

3. Egyptian newscasters, when they weren’t busy pleading with people to get out and vote, danced to Sisi’s unofficial campaign song.

4. Some showed off how serious they could shimmy.

5. Some took the dancing very seriously.

6. Some of the dancing even stopped street traffic.

7. People dressed up like the Egyptian flag to dance.

8. Or just floated around, wearing the Egyptian flag.

9. This lady really did her best to get the dance party started.

But even with all that dancing, officials said that voter turnout looked low. They’ve extended voting for a third day, and hopefully there will be more dancing. H/T CairoScene

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