Support Pours In For Saudi Women Poised To Break Driving Ban

On Oct. 26, thousands of Saudi women have said they will break their county’s ban on female drivers. posted on

The grassroots campaign to break Saudi Arabia’s ban on female drivers isn’t set to start until Oct. 26. But a lot of women aren’t willing to wait that long.

They’ve already recorded themselves getting behind the wheel in major Saudi cities.

Indomitable Layla Al Otaibi drove down major highway in Riyadh today! ليلى العتيبي تقود علي طريق الملك فهد!

And although a few were stopped by police, many more have been inspired to take to the streets.

Support has poured in from all over the world, and they now have an official song for their campaign.

#Oct26Driving , to show my support I will learn how to drive stick shift today :) ,Vamo arriba Mujeres

They’ve even received support from kids, who are putting out songs like “Let my mommy drive.”

So far, Saudi authorities haven’t responded to the campaign. Human rights groups say they will have to wait and see whether the kingdom will finally break the world’s only ban on female drivers.

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