Stunning Photos Capture Rare Snowfall Blanketing Cairo

Egyptians woke up Friday morning to see snow on the streets of Cairo for the first time in their lifetimes. Update: Egypt’s Meteorological Authority says its the first snowfall in “very many years.”

23. Updated Saturday, 8am GMT : There are disagreements over when it last snowed in Cairo.

Egypt’s Meteorological Authority, which told Buzzfeed on Friday that it was “correct that there has not been snow in Cairo in 112 years,” on Saturday said they were still checking figures.

“It has been very many years, we belive over 100 years but we are still checking the figures,” one official told Buzzfeed by phone.

The figure of 112 years was reported widely by local Egyptian media. On Twitter, Amr El Gabry said he was the original source for what he called a “guestimate” of 112 years. He later revised that figure to 122 years, citing an article.

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