Dogs And Cats Being Cuddle Buddies

Public enemies, private snugglers!

1. This isn’t what it looks like!

ID: 1073533

2. We were just about to start fighting! Seriously!

ID: 1073547

3. Ok, fine. You caught us.

ID: 1073557

4. You know what? We’re glad you found out.

ID: 1073565

5. Go ahead.Tell the whole world!!

ID: 1073559

6. We’ve been secretly cuddling since we were babies, so the joke’s on you!

ID: 1073561

7. So if you don’t like it, maybe you should talk to someone who cares.

ID: 1073564

8. We’ll cuddle any time and any way we damn well please. Spooning? Done!

ID: 1073569

9. You wanna see some face to face action? Blammo!!

ID: 1073571

10. Side by side? With pleasure, my friend.

ID: 1073574

11. In public? Hells yes!

ID: 1073576

12. Basically, inter-species cuddling is the future. Deal with it.

ID: 1073575

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