30 Signs You Went To A Black College

Sound so smart, like you graduated college. Like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard.

1. When you got to your school, you were a little worried it was going to be like School Daze

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…but it ended up being more like Hillman.

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2. Though if you’re a guy, you may have felt a little like this:

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3. Women showed up to 8 a.m. classes in stilettos and perfectly styled.

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And yeah, dudes were killing it too.

(See more at The Black Ivy)

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4. Basically, everyone was gorgeous.

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5. Sometimes you rocked school gear head to toe.

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6. And when Drizzy showed up, even he knew to come correct.

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7. Cliff Huxtable probably wore a shirt or a hat with your school’s name on it.


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Savannah State!

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8. And everyone on campus can rattle off the names of your alma mater’s most influential alumni.

Lai Seng Sin / AP


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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


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Andrew Kelly / Reuters

Tennessee State University

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Atlanta University (now Clark Atlanta University)

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Angela Weiss / Getty Images


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Yep, even this guy.

Olivier Douliery/Abaca Press / MCT


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9. History classes (and poli sci, and English, and music) were steeped in black history.

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10. And you couldn’t graduate without taking a swimming class.

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11. Though graduating on time was itself a miracle.

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12. Maybe because when it was time to buckle down for finals, the library felt a little bit like the club.

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13. And sure, sometimes trying to get a copy of your transcript felt a little bit like running into this:

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14. And yes, you were used to seeing someone you knew leaving the financial aid office looking like this:

ID: 1129173

Or sometimes like this:

ID: 1132747

(Unless it was refund check time, in which case they looked more like this.)

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15. But you still dropped hundreds of dollars getting ready for homecoming week — before even buying tickets to the events.

It was worth it.

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16. And then you skipped your school’s homecoming to go to Howard’s…

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17. …where you quickly learned that the best part of the football game was the band.

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(And the drum majors.)

ID: 1132170

18. Everyone emerged outside on the first day of spring.

And only fools went to class.

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19. And when a friend dropped off the map during the spring semester, it was usually because they were trying to graduate. Or they were doing this.

(figuratively speaking!)

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20. If it was the latter, you then spent hours waiting for them to perform on the yard.

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21. And then that night, when you went to a party, no one could dance because the neophytes wouldn’t stop strolling.

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No, really.

ID: 1193403

Still going.

ID: 1193493

But you’ve still never seen two Iotas at the same place at the same time.

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22. You’ve never heard of Delta Zeta or TKE or Alpha Phi or Kappa Alpha or….

But you can recite the names of the Divine 9 in order of their founding dates, even though you never pledged.

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23. Every dorm had a dude who could cut hair, or a girl who could put in weave for cheap.

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24. But eventually half the girls you knew went natural.

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25. This was your face when someone tried to tell you going to an HBCU was self-segregating or racist.

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26. Because you suddenly had friends from across the U.S., the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa.

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27. Still, you got a job off-campus so you wouldn’t forget what it was like to have white friends.

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28. And when you went home to visit, your grandparents gave you a hard time about your decision to flout family tradition and go to Hampton instead of Howard.

(Or NCA&T instead of FAMU. Or Bennett instead of Spelman. Or Cheyney instead of Lincoln.)

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29. But, in spite of the rivalries with other schools, whenever you meet someone who went to an HBCU, you do this.

ID: 1195754

30. Because you both know that there’s one thing you can agree on:

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