Here are some study questions:

Is “sext” a transitive verb now? Like, did Brett Favre sext pictures of his penis to model Jenn Sterger? What does that mean about the state of modern vernacular English?

Were the alleged crocs integral or incidental to the sext (substantive) in question?

If Brett Favre did indeed send pictures of his penis to model and celebrity Florida State fan Jenn Sterger, why the fuck did he do that?

What do we do about this, going forward? Is there any hope for the future? Will we, at some point in the next week or so, get to see the Brett Favre penis pics referenced in this story? Will we enjoy the experience?

How often do you get to say “Brett Favre Cock Shots” and really mean it?

This is what Jenn Sterger looks like with her clothes on.

This is what Brett Favre looks like.