Climate Change Vs. The Holiday Season

The dangers of climate change are clear.

Living on the North Pole is a great way to get lots of toys and presents made in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, rising global temperatures due to climate change from carbon emissions is melting Arctic ice at a record rate, meaning that Santa’s workshop is in danger of sliding into the sea and endangering the habitat of polar bears and elves alike.

A warming Arctic is also hard on Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and their reindeer friends, who are predicted to lose 60% of their habitat.

Climate change could cause Santa to vacate the North Pole, but at least he won’t be in danger of being claimed by Canada.

Americans believe that climate change is happening, but Republicans in Congress have continued to block comprehensive climate change legislation.

Even though Arctic sea ice is melting at record rates.

Decorating the Christmas tree while snow gently falls is a classic Christmas scene, but due to climate change, it’s been a record bad year for Christmas tree growers, with summer flash floods and warm winter temperatures killing off huge numbers of young trees. As you search for a tree, you can dream of a white Christmas, but you may not get one.

Climate change has caused New England to lose 9 snow days every decade since 1965, and will continue to lose snowdays as winter temperatures rise.

Friends and families gather together to enjoy their favorite holiday dishes. But climate change has no respect for tradition. Like to eat a Christmas goose or duck? The wetlands that waterfowl need are sinking under rising seas. Don’t expect cranberry sauce with your stuffing, since cranberries need increasingly rare cold falls, or walnuts on your sweet potatoes, since walnut trees are intolerant of ever more frequent droughts.

If you’re hoping to enjoy oyster stew or the Feast of the Seven Fishes, the outlook is equally bleak – carbon emissions are making it harder for shellfish to build their shells, and excessively warm waters have damaged the New England groundfish and shrimp populations.

But it’s not all gloom and doom.

We can still give the whole world a present. The holidays can still be saved and America can still lead on climate change by cutting carbon pollution and creating jobs through energy efficiency and clean energy. Congress must level the playing field and renew clean energy tax credits for wind, solar and energy efficiency.

Have a safe and happy holiday season.

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