SEIU's 'Retirement Security for All' campaign is working to help deliver the American Dream of retiring with dignity to more people.
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  • Work It! 5 Songs That Break Down The Women Retirement Security Crisis

    Only 7% of women are ‘very confident’ in their ability to fully retire with a comfortable lifestyle, says a new report from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. Why is this? Gender inequality still threatens the livelihood of women in the United States. Despite decades of social strides, economic gains and empowering songs, working women are still twice as likely to retire into poverty as men. Here’s a few songs that explain the retirement security crisis for women.

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  • Four Real Reasons Why Detroit Went Bankrupt

    Congratulations Detroit, you are the largest U.S. city to be granted bankruptcy protection thanks to the work of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and Emergency Manager Kevin Orr. There is still a lot of work ahead in determining how the city will reorganize its finances, but many residents and onlookers still wonder how things got this bad.

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  • Five Ways ‘Fix The Debt’ Is Completely Out Of Touch With Ordinary People

    The Fix the Debt Campaign recently launched an ad campaign featuring crying babies to target Members of Congress and their inaction around the federal budget crisis. Meanwhile, the big corporations lobbying Congress to “fix the debt” by making cuts to Social Security can’t manage their companies’ own retirement funds. We think its time these big bullies stop stealing candy from babies and Seniors who earned their retirement.

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