58 Essential Dance GIFs

Have you ever felt the need to post a really great dance GIF, only to find that you have nothing that really works? No? Oh well, Here you go anyway. (I didn’t make any of these, so if you did go ahead and claim it. I don’t want to steal your stuff.)

1. We’ll start with the people actually trying to dance…

14. …and now for some cartoons…

20. …Some dance crews…

25. …usermade animations from across the net…


a true internet classic


i have no idea where this is i got this one, but looking at it now, i have no doubt it was /b/

34. …A few great raves…

39. …Moving along to TV and Movie GIFs…


brace yourself. I’ve got a ton of fresh prince.


had more but they were too big =(

51. …a sprinkling of weirdos…


overused, but entertaining

54. ..and last, but not least - the random crap that i don’t have a place for.

that’s all I’ve got (although some got cut by size restrictions D=). Tell me you’re not feeling that urge now.

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