The Internet’s Reaction To The Twelfth Doctor

As told by my tumblr dashboard.

In case you live on a planet unreachable by the TARDIS…

8-4-2013: 12th Doctor was announced, via a live broadcast featuring guest stars (including the 5th Doctor!) and the new Doctor himself.

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1. First, we tried to get ready.

If you didn’t know that we’d be welcoming a new Doctor to the world today, which rock have you been living under and can I borrow it to finish writing my dissertation?

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2. After all, new Doctor = VERY BIG NEWS.

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3. We needed to know…WHO?

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4. Some people were safe from the madness…

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5. …others knew exactly what to expect.

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6. Yup, some people knew the fandom very, very well.

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7. Warnings were given.

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8. Predictions were made.



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9. Stephen Hawking was awesome.

Hawking? Awesome? Well, duh. But just when you thought he couldn’t get any cooler…

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10. We were pretty nervous.

Many of us were still recovering from the Sherlock preview.

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11. Who? Who? WHO???

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12. THEN.

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13. Tumblr dashboards exploded.

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14. Twitter was taken over by Whovians.

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15. Google-fu was unleashed.

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16. EVERYONE needed to know EVERYTHING he had ever done EVER.

I was in the audience and after the show, Capaldi shook a few hands in the front row. Then more and more people seemed to realize, “OMG this is the new doctor!” And then A RUSH OF WHOVIANS.

I think he realized in that moment that for the rest of his life, he’d have crazed fans after him. I would say poor guy, but dude, he gets to be THE DOCTOR.

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17. People discovered his role as Malcolm Tucker.

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18. Then tumblr discovered Tucker’s potty-mouth…

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19. …and had fun.

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20. Somebody got to Wikipedia really quickly…

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21. …and someone else found this gem.

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22. Obligatory compilations of gorgeous pics came together…

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23. …and really amazing fan work.


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24. Not everything was custard and fish-fingers though…

Moffat upset quite a few people…

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25. Matt Smith stabbed us all in the heart.

A tear? No, that’s just a drunk giraffe in my eye…

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26. No, really, need a hug sweetie?

I volunteer as tribute.

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27. But the British rallied and came together as a united people…


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28. …while other Fandoms united in support of the Whovians.

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29. In the end, the fandom seems pretty happy…

They’re definitely having fun theorizing how to get out of this paradox…

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30. Welcome, Mr. Peter Capaldi!

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