9 Reasons Sean Dunnigan Should Totally Be The New BuzzFeed Night Copy Editor

This will either be ‘♥’ or ‘TRASHY’ but I’m hoping for a ‘WIN’.

1. This is Sean:

He’s pretty neat and definitely deserves a shot at being BuzzFeed’s new Night Copy Editor.

2. He has years worth of experience copy editing publications on social media, college radio, University memes pages, and both nonprofit and for profit organizations.

3. For a semester he edited his professor’s research proposals and data collecting surveys

I’m more modest than this, I swear.

4. He broke off a relationship because his boyfriend always texted: “Your Welcome”

5. His spirit animal is an owl. He was born to work the night shift.

(See http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/whats-your-animal-personality-type for reference)

6. He thinks like this:

7. He does this when there’s no Oxford comma…

Oxford commas, Oxford commas, and Oxfords commas!!!

8. And this when homophones aren’t used correctly?

Warner Bros. / Via mashable

9. According to several collegiate papers produced by the author, Sean Dunnigan has familiarity with AP and Chicago style guides (Dunnigan, 2014).

*pats self on back for not using the Jim Carrey typing gif*

10. And I mean, he’s already on BUZZFEED all the time anyway, he might as well work there

*couldn’t resist the Brent gif though*

11. Definitely at least worth an interview…

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