These Old Trees Are Secretly Googly-Eyed Tree Creeps

Nothing can stand against the incredible power of nature’s ever-encroaching growth. But we can make it look silly with googly eyes.

1. This tree slurping up a fencepost…

ID: 929431

…is secretly a bear gnawing on some tasty iron.

ID: 929444

2. This trunk slowly breaking a trail marker…

ID: 929480

…is actually just a dude in the middle of dinner.

He’d appreciate it if you let him dine in peace.

ID: 929483

3. This tree slowly taking over a spiked fence…

ID: 929515

…is really a hungry, friendly-looking lady tree.

ID: 929517

4. This tree that hates “No Parking” signs…

ID: 929737

…REALLY hates “No Parking” signs.

ID: 929742

5. This roadside guardrail gobbler…

ID: 932476

…is a little weirded out by you staring at him while he eats.

ID: 932477

6. This tree slowly taking over a helpless road post…

ID: 932512

…is a little put-off by having to step outside to smoke her longstemmed cigarette.

ID: 932514

7. And this seemingly intimate branch job…

ID: 930386

…is actually a tree enjoying some gnarly trees.

ID: 930389

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