So You Have To Work January 1st

Sorry, that sucks. But hey, someone’s gotta make the doughnuts.

1. Last night was New Years Eve!

ID: 774219

2. And MAN, did you go nuts.

ID: 778093

3. You drank…

ID: 774225

5. And you drank…

ID: 778096

6. And you kept drinking…

ID: 778114

7. And kept… dancing…

ID: 774226

8. And very likely…

ID: 778098

9. All in all, a pretty good New Years!

ID: 776488

10. But this morning… woof.

ID: 778122

11. What’s that? An email from your boss?

ID: 777272

12. The person who was covering in the office today is sick, and you need to come… IN..?

ID: 778131

13. TODAY?!

ID: 778014

14. Alright, fine, you’ll go in, but…

ID: 778135

15. Alright, load up on some coffee.

ID: 778140

17. I said A LOT of coffee.

ID: 778146

18. Try not to- try not to- HURK.

ID: 778200

19. Keep it together.

ID: 778213

20. And try not to… fall… zzzzz…

ID: 778246

22. Damn. OK, maybe turn on some music to pass the time-

ID: 778403

23. Alright, try getting a little work done then-

ID: 778428

24. Oh come on, cheer up! What’s wrong, grumpypants?

ID: 778474

25. Oh, right. Well hang in there! Only a couple more hours to go! It’s 3 PM already, right about that time of the day when the sun comes in through the window-

ID: 778327

27. Look, there’s only a little bit of time left, and you’re here anyway, so why don’t you-

ID: 778488

28. You could maybe tidy up the-

ID: 778496

29. Or you could wrap up that spreadsheet-

ID: 778499

30. Alright, fine. Close enough to the end of the day. Go on home and rest up.

ID: 778347

31. You’re never drinking again.

ID: 778528

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