So You Have To Work January 1st

Sorry, that sucks. But hey, someone’s gotta make the doughnuts.

1. Last night was New Years Eve!

2. And MAN, did you go nuts.

5. And you drank…

6. And you kept drinking…

7. And kept… dancing…

9. All in all, a pretty good New Years!

11. What’s that? An email from your boss?

12. The person who was covering in the office today is sick, and you need to come… IN..?

14. Alright, fine, you’ll go in, but…

15. Alright, load up on some coffee.

17. I said A LOT of coffee.

18. Try not to- try not to- HURK.

20. And try not to… fall… zzzzz…

22. Damn. OK, maybe turn on some music to pass the time-

23. Alright, try getting a little work done then-

24. Oh come on, cheer up! What’s wrong, grumpypants?

25. Oh, right. Well hang in there! Only a couple more hours to go! It’s 3 PM already, right about that time of the day when the sun comes in through the window-

27. Look, there’s only a little bit of time left, and you’re here anyway, so why don’t you-

29. Or you could wrap up that spreadsheet-

30. Alright, fine. Close enough to the end of the day. Go on home and rest up.

31. You’re never drinking again.

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