Nicolas Cage Before He Was Nicolas Cage

BuzzFeed’s Hollywood scientists have unearthed rare footage of a young Nicolas Coppola in his natural state: 1980’s beach hunk. It is beautiful to behold.

1. “The Best Of Times” was a television special in 1981.

It dealt with the ups and downs of being a teenager in Cold War America. It (tried) to be funny, was often way too serious, and threw in some incredible song-and-dance numbers to help viewers swallow it all.

ID: 988292

2. But most importantly…

…it gave us Nicolas Cage (then going by his birth name of Nicolas Coppola).

ID: 988300

3. Before he was annually losing “Hollywood’s Craziest Grinner” to Gary Busey, Nic Cage was actually a pretty strapping hunk:

ID: 988330

4. The young Cage was a master of his body, totally in control of every muscle and sinew.

ID: 988344

5. He invented Cage Fu and tried to share it with the other residents of the muscle beach, but sadly, they didn’t notice.

ID: 988361

6. But the babes took notice.

ID: 988441

7. Even he took notice.

ID: 988431

8. It was a good life he led, young Cage. One filled with dancing…

ID: 988470

9. …polishing his butt with his friends…

ID: 988463

10. …and driving go karts.

ID: 988509

12. But charmed though his life was, it was not without its misfortunes…

ID: 988516

13. …and held its confusing, ethical gray areas as well.

ID: 988536

14. The young Nicolas was worried he’d be drafted into a possible war in El Salvador.

ID: 988541

15. Which, frankly, would have cut into his beach time.

ID: 988546

16. But ever the optimist, Nic saw a bright side to being drafted into a war.

ID: 988551

17. Moral dilemma averted, Cage celebrated!

ID: 988562

18. Winning pick up line in hand, Cage returned to the beach…

ID: 988654

19. …worked some more on his abs…

ID: 988656

20. …and proceeded to totally knock a babe out with this masterpiece.

ID: 988661

21. Too easy!

ID: 988700

22. Young Nicolas Cage, you were a joy to behold, a treasure of 1980’s television.

ID: 988573

23. Be you Cage, Coppola, or Ghost Rider…

ID: 988739

24. …we applaud you.

ID: 988740

25. Watch “The Best Of Times” in its entirety right here.

ID: 988749


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