30 Kids That Are Just OVER It

Ugh, MORNINGS. And the REST of the day, you’re OVER IT. Just like these kids.

1. This little bridesmaid was SO OVER royal weddings before it was cool.


2. This guy has had enough of these colorful chairs.

3. This girl wanted to be the superhero for ONE. BIRTHDAY.

4. These boys are so over Norway.

5. This little girl thought she was going to be Glinda and is completely done with Oz now.

Andrea /__username__ / Via Flickr: sheepies

6. That baby is SO OVER BABY JEANS.

Jim Trottier /__username__ / Via Flickr: jimsphotoworld

7. This kid has been over dinosaurs for about 65 million years.

Penelope /__username__ / Via Flickr: peneli

8. These kids were OVER Prohibition-era swimwear.

Northeast Document Conservation Center /__username__ / Via Flickr: nedcc

9. This guy has had just about enough of Disney’s Princesses.

Abraxas3d /__username__ / Via Flickr: w5nyv

10. This little girl is completely over lollipops.

Michelle Riggen-Ransom /__username__ / Via Flickr: riggenransom

11. This guy has moved on to rocketships and is done with cars.

Leonid Mamchenkov /__username__ / Via Flickr: mamchenkov

12. This parade-goer is so over his mom’s silly wigs.

Gwen Harlow /__username__ / Via Flickr: gwen

13. This guy is THROUGH with not knowing how the potty works.

Sharyn Morrow /__username__ / Via Flickr: sharynmorrow

14. This little sunflower is totally over swingsets.

energy2024 /__username__ / Via Flickr: energy2024

15. This egg-hunter is through with his parents’ ironic t-shirts.

Stephanie Keeney /__username__ / Via Flickr: stephycupcake

16. This baby is WAY over this weird furry man dressed in red.

Kerry Sanders /__username__ / Via Flickr: dirgon

17. That little Superman is so friggin’ sick of pancakes.

Mercedes Ramirez Guerrero /__username__ / Via Flickr: mercedesdayanara

18. These trick-or-treaters are WAY over Toy Story.

19. This skater has HAD IT with taggers ruining his clean ramps.

Franco Rabazzo /__username__ / Via Flickr: fz

20. This little princess is just about DONE waiting for her fairy godmother to show up.

Ashley Dryden /__username__ / Via Flickr: drydens

21. This guy has had enough of these sunglasses.

Eric Peacock /__username__ / Via Flickr: evilpeacock

22. This little traveler is SICK of roadtrips.

Peter Dutton /__username__ / Via Flickr: joeshlabotnik

23. This Pre-K graduate is SO. OVER. this color-coordinated song routine.

Vicky Somma /__username__ / Via Flickr: tgaw

24. This baby is WAY not into this lady’s hiking boots.

Heather MG /__username__ / Via Flickr: heathermg

25. This little girl just can’t stand the sight of ice cream anymore.

Asim Bharwani /__username__ / Via Flickr: modenadude

26. This ring bearer is DONE with tuxedos, UGH.

Justin Lowery /__username__ / Via Flickr: justintosh

27. This baby is OVER the Honda Element AND THOUGHT YOU WERE, TOO.

eyeliam /__username__ / Via Flickr: eyeliam

28. This little cowboy is sooooo over the rodeo.

Yi /__username__ / Via Flickr: yi

29. This little girl hates her pigtails- stop it, what are you- mom, stop blowing in- stop- STAAAHP.

John Krytus /__username__ / Via Flickr: krytus

30. And this kid is just done with black and white.

Zryan /__username__ / Via Flickr: zryan

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