15 Awesome Reasons To Party Sober

Give it a chance, you don’t realize the potential fun you’re missing.

1. Arguments are easy to win.

thefuturistics / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: thefuturistics

This guy’s attention span is one camera flash away from being somewhere else.

ID: 853453

2. You’ll look the best of any photo you’re in.

Courtesy of CBS / Via mr-chat-boii.blogspot.com
ID: 853499

3. Epic photobombing opportunities are easy to spot.

Denise Truscello / WireImage
ID: 853629

4. You’ll be conscious for the best parts of the night…

Doug Bowman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: bistrosavage
ID: 853593

5. …and you’ll actually remember them the next day.

Rob Thurman / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: robthurman
ID: 853549

6. Drunk people will believe ANYTHING.

Courtesy of CBS

“No, seriously: I really am a fighter pilot/mariachi/scuba diver.”

ID: 854254

7. Getting free pizza is easy when you’re the only one who knows how much everyone’s paid.

Luce Beaulieu / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: cosmogone

‘What?! Of course I put money in! You’re drunk, just let me handle this.”

ID: 854137

8. No one’s better at messing with passed-out drunks than sober people.

Who do you think built that card pyramid? A drunk person?

ID: 853976

9. You won’t get everyone arrested if someone has to talk to the cops.

pixxiestails / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: pixxiestails

“No, I’m sorry, you misunderstood my friend. His uncle’s name is ‘Pig Asshole’ and he hates him. We’ve got no problem with you fine officers!”

ID: 853925

10. You’ll get everyone home safe…

Cary Bass / Via Flickr: bastique
ID: 854103

11. …and make it back to your own place (or someone else’s!).

D.J. Milky / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: milkyworld
ID: 853902

12. And you’ll actually wake up somewhere you intended to fall asleep.

ID: 853586

13. There’ll be much less regret the next day.

John Logan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: continuity
ID: 853837

14. And brunch is a lot better when you don’t hate yourself.

SH2005 / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: heikkinen
ID: 853765

15. Keeping your head out of the toilet ain’t bad, either.

ID: 854325

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