19 Animals Who Can’t Unsee What They Just Saw

They…they had no idea. Someone get these guys a stiff drink, they need it.

1. This walrus had no IDEA what the aquarium staff got up to after hours.

ID: 939160

2. This mountain goat can’t BELIEVE what he saw those rock climbers doing.

ID: 939165

3. This otter is just… just SHOCKED by what those canoers were doing with that oar.

ID: 939166

4. This koala just saw where the leaves he’s eating come from. And it’s not somewhere he wants in his mouth.

ID: 939171

5. This turtle wishes her head could go further into her shell after she saw that kid eat that lollipop off the zoo floor.

ID: 939175

6. This elephant wishes he could go back to not seeing “Water For Elephants”.

ID: 939177

7. This owl just read some fanfic of Owl and Pooh, and wishes to Owlgod that he didn’t.

ID: 939178

8. This polar bear cub just saw the list of chemicals inside all the Coca Cola his mom has been drinking.

ID: 939180

9. This jaguar is APPALLED by what those big game hunters are doing to each other in that bush.

ID: 939181

10. This mouse just saw his owners playing Mousetrap.

ID: 939182

11. This baby hippo is HORRIFIED by what the monkeys are about to throw at the back of this photographer’s head.

ID: 939183

12. This owl is shell-shocked by some of the dresses she saw at the Oscars.

ID: 939187

13. This De Brazza’s monkey cannot BELIEVE what his buddy just did with that banana.

ID: 939188

14. This cow just saw a PETA ad, and even she was turned off by it.

ID: 939190

15. This border collie just saw KONY 2012. He… he had no idea.

ID: 939192

16. This baby gorilla had no idea his hair’s been like this ALL DAY.

ID: 939193

17. This bald eagle is utterly dismayed by the current state of education in his America.

ID: 939194

18. This cat just saw that Michelle Williams and Jason Segel broke up.

She… she had found love again!

ID: 939195

19. And this ostrich just saw an episode of “Hoarders”.

ID: 939196

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