17 Animals Celebrating National Pie Day

Today is National Pie Day, by the authority of no less than the American Pie Council. And these little guys are ready to celebrate.

1. This pup has a great new pie recipe to try…

ID: 827702

2. …but this pup couldn’t wait for the pies to be done to start in on them.

Terrie Schweitzer / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: terriem
ID: 827745

3. This big furball doesn’t have time for utensils!

Wolfie Rankin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 69539571@N00
ID: 827835

4. And this dog won’t let a runaway crumb escape.

ID: 827969

5. This bear is eating whole pies by himself…

ID: 827885

6. …but this pug knows it’s better to share.

ID: 828014

7. This maniac loves pie so much he started to wear it.

ID: 827758

8. This kitten wants her pie AND your pie…

ID: 828003

9. …and this parrotlet doesn’t know what pie you’re talking about.

ID: 827998

10. This cat loves cherry pie…

ID: 828043

11. …this pug’s a fan of pumpkin pie…

ID: 828020

12. …and this ferret can’t contain her excitement for pecan pie.

originalpozer / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: heezdedjim
ID: 828077

13. These bros are having a pizza pie. National Pie Day’s rules are pretty loose.

Kelly Garbato / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: smiteme
ID: 828085

14. Pie lovers eat it off the ground…

ID: 828106

15. …out of the box…

MarkBullen / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: markbullen
ID: 828065

16. …or off a plate.

ID: 828115

17. There is literally no wrong way to eat a pie.

ID: 828150

So stop worrying about it and go eat some.

ID: 828152

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