You Know Your A Liverpool Fan When…


1. 2005 was the greatest year you wish to relive.

This will be our year.

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2. At the beginning of each season you think: This will be our year!

We’ve won our first 3 games…anything is possible!

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3. You pray to Steven Gerrard

Whether it’s because of his looks or his game.

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4. You know that no matter what…

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5. Man U? More like Man pewww

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6. It is a must to sing the anthem before each game.

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7. When you meet another fan this is how you feel

You’re my new BFF

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8. You love sharing fun facts

Liverpool ranks in the top 10 most valued football teams in Forbes Magazine.

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9. You have your pre-match rituals

You know that when the goal was scored it was partly because you wore your hat backwards.

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