Pizza Hut’s Top 10 Craziest Pizzas From Around The World

For all the adventurous pizza lovers out there.

1. Canada: Cheesy Beef Poutine Pizza

As a “tribute to the classic Canadian street food favorite”, it features shaved seasoned steak, fries, cheese curds, mozzarella, and gravy instead of pizza sauce.

2. France: Goat Cheese & Honey

3. Germany: Mexican Salsa

Hot salsa sauce, marinated grilled chicken and pepperoni, topped with fresh iceberg salad and sour cream.

4. Hong Kong: Cheesy Opera

Topped with scallop, clam meat, Japanese cucumber, mushroom, peach and red pepper on pesto sauce with a swirl of honey mustard sauce.

5. Kuwait: Cone Crust

6. Singapore: Fully Loaded Pizza

It has a crust made up of mini-calzones filled with cream cheese, minced chicken, and spinach.

7. Sri Lanka: Birizza

It’s a baked pizza dough placed over a serving of biriyani in a pot pie-like manner.

8. Sweden: Pizza Sun

It has a hole in the middle where a mixed green salad can be found.

9. UAE: Chicken Shawarma Pizza

Grilled chicken on garlic sauce, topped with mozzarella, sliced pickles, chopped onions, diced tomatoes and parsley.

10. UK: Cheeseburger Pizza

And, for those who believe a pizza isn’t complete without ketchup, ketchup dip is included on the side.

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