The Only Moments From The Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremony Worth Watching

And so it begins…

1. When they went over the Russian alphabet and we quickly realized we’d never be able to keep up.

Is there a test on this later?

ID: 2408708

2. When we were flown across all of Russia. Where there are white horses, and volcanoes and flying girls.

Mark Blinch / Reuters
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3. When everything went arctic and you wondered if those things were really floating or you were just seeing things.

ID: 2408463

4. When the rings started forming and you were like OH SHIT. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE.

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5. But then the last ring didn’t open and you felt so awkward and bad for it.

Phil Noble / Reuters
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6. When the athletes came out country by country, according to the Russian alphabet. And you realized you should have paid more attention at the beginning of the show.

Teams are coming out in the alphabet order, but in the Russian alphabet order, so Zimbabwe was one of the first teams to have marched here.

— Nataliya Vasilyeva (@NatVasilyevaAP)
ID: 2408857

What's happening here? I thought the #Olympic ceremony was in alphabetical order. We just jumped from the B's to Hungary and Venezuela.

— Niki Reitmayer (@NikiReitmayer)
ID: 2408848

The Russian alphabet is more baffling than the Winter sport of curling.

— Professional Heckler (@HecklerForever)
ID: 2408853

7. When Putin beamed with pride for his country.

Phil Noble / Reuters

Soooo much lovvvve.

ID: 2410258

8. When this little girl became the new chosen one.

Phil Noble / Reuters
ID: 2410268

9. When there was basically a giant rave.

Phil Noble / Reuters

Where is Avicii?!

ID: 2410222

10. When an athlete there to compete in an incredibly difficult sport went down while walking and you couldn’t believe it was real.

The Opening Ceremony is off and tripping -

— Scott Stump (@Scott_Stump)
ID: 2408828

11. When this bear thing came out…

ID: 2408552

12. And so did its friend. And they were 900 FEET TALL. AND WERE LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU.

ID: 2408940

13. When they bowed to you and you couldn’t figure out if this was live or a cereal commercial.

ID: 2408555

14. Which made you think of how much better Doge would be at this.

The olympic mascot reminds me of something #sochi

— Jessica Elgot (@jessicaelgot)
ID: 2408637

15. When dancers solemnly swore they were up to no good.

Pawel Kopczynski / Reuters
ID: 2410317

16. When this choir dressed as police and sang Daft Punk.

ID: 2410658

17. When these beautiful, delicate horses galloped across the sky followed by some random weird disk.

That was the sun?

ID: 2408583

18. When the stadium filled with the most beautiful balloons you’ve ever seen.

Absolutely STUNNING! #Sochi2014 #OpeningCeremony

— Maia Shibutani (@MaiaShibutani)
ID: 2408654

19. When the dancers were so intense, it made you a little bit nervous.

ID: 2409123

20. When people twirled around like a huge jellyfish.

ID: 2408975

21. When the lights started to go all flickery and it was the coolest thing you’d seen all night.

ID: 2409126

22. When the torch was lit and it all truly began.

ID: 2409142

23. And you wondered who designed the flame to look like *something else.*

It's a flaming phallus. Sorry but it is. At least from this angle.

— Matthew Pinsent (@matthewcpinsent)
ID: 2409146

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