What Life Is Like When You’re 18 Vs. What Life Is Like When You’re 25

Age 18: “OMG I got such amazing grades” Age 25: “What were my grades again?”

1. How much of a lightweight you are.

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2. What you consider to be a “big night”.

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3. What you think of the latest chart hit.

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4. What you think of children’s television.

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5. How you feel when purchasing food.

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6. Your relationship with your parents.

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When you’re 25 you feel so much more guilt when you ask though.

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7. How you treat your examination results.

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You just guess what grades you got in every job interview.

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8. The state of your kitchen sink right now.

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But look, it’s a bit cleaner. There are no pans in the sink on the right.

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9. What you know about pensions.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

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10. Your best friend.

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11. How much money you have in your bank account.

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12. How you “pull”.

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13. And where you are at 12pm on a Sunday.

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