University In Your First Year Vs. University In Your Final Year

Even though the experiences can be so different, one thing unites them both. Alcohol.

1. First year: You go to every single Fresher’s event, even the ones that you find diabolically awful.

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Final year: You ignore every single fresher’s event, and for a long period of time every single fresher…

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2. First year: You brag to friends about how much reading you’ve still got to do by your next seminar.

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3. Final year: This is you from now until next June.

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4. First year: You discover this wonderful place called the Uni library where you can study with your mates.

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5. Final year: You go to the library to study alone. THE PEOPLE IN THE LIBRARY MUST WORK IN SILENCE.


You go to the library to chat to your mate all day and then grab a mocca chocca latte? Die.

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6. First year: Your overdraft starts to freak you out.

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Final year: You are seriously, seriously considering giving Debt Free Direct a call.

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7. First year: You watch daytime television and mock people who get it wrong on quiz shows because they’re clearly not as smart as you.

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8. Final year: Just before your exams you watch University Challenge, shout out the answers and score less than the University of Exeter.

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9. First year: You show off your left-wing beliefs by putting a Che Guevara poster on your wall…

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10. Final year: Fearing unemployment you apply for every graduate opportunity at PwC and KPMG.

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11. First year: You think that the housemates in your halls are going to be your FRIENDS4LIFE…

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12. … but three months later you decide that you never want to see most of them ever ever, ever again.

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13. Final year: You’ve moved in with your best friends! This is the best decision you’ve ever made…

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14. … but two months in you decide they are your mortal enemies.

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First year: You take the brave step and join some student societies. The total you go to is…

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15. Final year: You help RUN a society, but having responsibility and a title doesn’t inflate your ego.

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16. First year: You go out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, a bit on Friday and Saturday.

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18. … so you only go out on Monday, Tuesday, a bit of Thursday AND oh sod it Friday AND Saturday.

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19. First year: It’s been epic, and although you will miss it… you can’t wait for the year to finish.

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20. Final year: You REALLY don’t want University to end. Like, please never end. OH GOD. DON’T END.

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