The Chuckle Brothers Won’t Stop Tweeting Selfies From Inside Cars

To me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you to me to you.

1. Remember the Chuckle Brothers?

2. Well, Paul Chuckle is on Twitter, and regularly tweets selfies while in a car.

3. He’s done a few of these now, just so you know exactly where he is at all times.

4. He also does car-selfie requests.

5. Some of his car selfies are like this.

6. There’s no explanation given.

— PaulChuckle2 (@realpaulchuckle)

Both of those selfies are different photos, by the way.

8. He does do other selfies, like this one on a wet day, on a balcony in Great Yarmouth.

Not as nice on my balcony this morning. Wet & miserable. Still, off to Gt Yarmouth at one. 7pm at Britannia Pier.

— PaulChuckle2 (@realpaulchuckle)

9. He also took this selfie for his wife. (??!!)

Selfie for my Mrs at work and for everybody who's asked for one. Have a great weekend.

— PaulChuckle2 (@realpaulchuckle)

10. His wife wasn’t happy with this one.

Wife NOT impressed with this selfie. Laying on settee showing by burned bright red chest. On me holidays!!!!

— PaulChuckle2 (@realpaulchuckle)

11. Now you might be wondering, what about Barry Chuckle? Well, he often makes cameos in Paul’s car selfies.

Colin driving Baz in back

— PaulChuckle2 (@realpaulchuckle)

12. See? Look, there he is.

It really does look like Barry wants to go to the toilet.

— PaulChuckle2 (@realpaulchuckle)

13. But now Barry has his own Twitter account. It too consists largely of car selfies.

This is a selfie for everyone,now,to save people asking.

— BazElliott (@Barry Elliott)

14. People are lining up on Twitter to ask Barry to send them a car selfie.

15. Problem is, when you look at his Twitter feed you notice that he takes similar photos for every selfie request he receives.


— BazElliott (@Barry Elliott)

16. So his recent images on Twitter look like this.

17. It really is quite insane.


— chuckIebrothers (@Exotic White Milk)

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