One Direction Were Interviewed During The "Doctor Who" Afterparty And It Was A Hilarious Disaster

It will actually make your head hurt a bit.

1. Doctor Who was good wasn’t it? Particularly this bit.

BBC / Via

But if you then switched on to BBC Three afterwards you could have watched the Doctor Who afterparty, which featured an absolutely dire interview with One Direction.

2. Watch the whole video from start to finish. Trust me.

BBC Three

3. Look at Steven Moffat’s face.

John Hurt is meanwhile looking for a phone so that he could ring his agent.

4. A lot of people got quite confused.

6. You’ll get this one if you watched Doctor Who.

Wish someone would hide BBC Three in a painting.

— nothingelseis (@Tim Holden)

7. And then to cap it all off, did you see Matt Smith flick the Vs at One Direction at the very start?

What was that all about?

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