This Cheesy Song About A US City Will Make You Want To Move There

“Hooray for Ames!”

1. This video about Ames (in Iowa) is everything.

According to their YouTube channel this is a “spoof music video” by Iowa State University which “showcases the many reasons that Ames, Iowa is a great place to live, work, and play”. But the more you watch it the more you start to think that this isn’t a spoof at all, and the more you see it the more you want to move there.

2. In case you were wondering, this is Ames.


And why is this video addictive as hell?

3. Well, Ames’ pride of being the ninth best city in the United States, for starters.

4. The fact that Jacqueline (the lead singer of the band) takes her jumper off whilst talking about the climate.

5. And that this guy manages to play a drum set at the back of a car without an actual care in the world.


What would happen if you tried to play the drums in a car like this? You would die.

6. Don’t forget keyboard woman.


7. Also the way that this guitar starts m-e-l-t-i-n-g.

8. And that this video includes full bios of the cast.

It melts your heart.

9. But most importantly, Ames’ obsession of water.

10. Seriously. They just love water so much it hurts.



Let’s all move there right now.

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