There’s A Twitter Account That Just Tweets TV Listings From Thirty Years Ago Today

It will make you wish that TV was of a simpler time, a time before Come Dine With Me was on thirteen times in a row on Channel 4.

1. So there’s an account that just tweets this.

2. No detail. No insight. Just this.

3. British TV listings from exactly 30 years ago today.

4. Seeing all these classic programmes side by side…

Twitter: @tv30yearsago / Via ITV / Crossroads

… makes you feel all a bit nostalgic.

5. Even if you weren’t born yet.

6. It wouldn’t really work for today’s TV schedules.

Twitter: @tv30yearsago / Via Channel 4

7. I asked Chris Hughes, who runs @tv30yearsago, about why he keeps writing out old TV listings on a daily basis:

It was a bit of an accident, really. I was trying to think of a way of doing a Twitter feed that people would read every day, without the pressure of coming up with funny material on a daily basis.

It struck me that everybody watches TV, and people love talking about the telly of their youth, so I figured they might like to read what was being broadcast on this day.

8. We will now never forget you classic television. Never.

BBC / Doctor Who

BBC One /


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