The Internet Has A Hell Of A Lot Of Feelings About The New "Doctor Who" Episode

Warning: There’s lots of spoilers in this.

1. The internet was a bit excited about the new series of Doctor Who.

2. It started with a dinosaur vomiting a TARDIS.

BBC / Doctor Who


3. And Capaldi delivering this memorable line.

Scott Bryan /

4. This was followed by BRAND NEW opening titles.

BBC / Doctor Who /

BBC / Doctor Who /


The title sequence was inspired by a fan video created by motion graphics designer Billy Hanshaw.

9. This moment was well received though.

BBC / Doctor Who /

13. Strax also proved to be a bit of a crowd-pleaser.

BBC / Doctor Who /

14. And Madame Vastra and Jenny shared a kiss.

BBC / Doctor Who /

26. But just when some people thought this episode was a bit rubbish, this happened.

BBC / Doctor Who /

27. And then later, he said this: “He sounds old. Please tell me I didn’t get old. Anything but old. I was young.”

BBC / Doctor Who /

32. Meanwhile, Danssmith on Tumblr noticed this.

33. The main lesson from this episode?

34. And that the Doctor does not like hugging.

BBC / Doctor Who /

35. NOPE.

BBC / Doctor Who /

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