The 18 Biggest Social Media Fails Of 2013

There have been a lot of them this year. Trust me.

1. The person who tweeted this announcement when the Royal Baby was born.

2. Whoever thought it would be a great idea to use the Royal Baby birth to flog a Samsung Galaxy.

3. Whoever thought this Facebook poll would be a good idea.

4. Whoever thought up this stimulating content for their Facebook fans.

The hobnob won by the way.

5. Whoever thought that doing a ‘promoted tweet’ campaign about immigration would be a good idea.

6. And the person who fact-checked this tweet.

7. This wasn’t a good idea by the Home Office…

Although it did lead to quite a few good parodies.

8. This tweet didn’t go down well either.


9. Then there’s the time that HMV had a meltdown.

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @xGogsx

10. An award goes to the person who thought of the Benadryl Social Pollen Count, which allowed users to mark on a map where they had sneezed.

Why? Well because a lot of people on social media got word of this and started to make their own maps. Like this one.

11. British Gas announced that they were raising prices by 9.2%. A few days later they did this.

Their social media manager got ready.

12. Remember when Sky News broke this story?

But it wasn’t a Syrian Cyber Attack or anything of the sort. This was the reason behind it.

13. Remember the horsemeat scandal, during which Tesco famously tweeted..?

Well this happened soon after.

14. But brands weren’t the only failures. All of those on Twitter who confused EDF Energy with EDL, the far-right movement, should get some blame too.

15. So should all the people who constantly confuse @WHSmith with @WHSmithcouk with their complaints.

16. So should all of the people who keep mixing up @JohnLewis with @JohnLewisRetail.

<3 you John Lewis.

17. And then there are the people who constantly ask Radio 4 and similar stations to play commercial pop.

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