How House Prices Have Exploded, As Told By Old Episodes Of “Location Location Location”

Kirstie and Phil are on a mission to make you feel incredibly depressed.

1. You know Location Location Location, don’t you?

It’s on every forty five-minutes on More4. It consists of Kirstie and Phil helping someone who sounds quite bored find a house.

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2. Is it a new-ish show? Nope. Of course not.

Location Location Location has been around for ages. So much so that if you watch really old episodes you realise how absolutely mind-numbingly cheap all of the housing in London is.

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3. Take this house in Balham, for instance. In 2002 you could get your hands on this first floor flat for only…

ID: 2140963

2013 - a first-floor property in a nearby road? Over £479,000!

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4. Then there’s this one bedroom flat in Hackney. In an episode in the year 2000, the place cost £107,000.

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A flat sold on the same road today? You can get one for…

It’s only more than double the cost.

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5. How about this house in Acton?

It was this price in 2005, with five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

ID: 2151489

6. A similar house in Acton was sold for around £445,000 in 2006. It is now on the market for…

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7. To Wandsworth now. In 2002 they featured this property valued at £195,000.

ID: 2141627

A one bedroom flat nearby sold earlier this year for…

ID: 2141680

8. It’s even worse if you’ve got a bit more cash and want to live somewhere nice. In 2002 this was…

ID: 2141805

Ten years on and a similar property now costs…

So affordable.

ID: 2141824

9. Meanwhile, also in 2002, there was this 3 bedroom flat in Maida Vale…

ID: 2142371

10. A flat for sale now in the same block of houses? YOU CAN NOW PURCHASE IT FOR AN AFFORDABLE…

ID: 2142420

11. Then there’s this flat in Maida Vale, also from a 2002 episode.

ID: 2142096

A similar house in the same block of houses went for £925,000 in October last year. A three bedroom in the same block was sold recently for £1,175,000.

ID: 2142251

12. Good luck house hunting everybody.

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Scott Bryan is the UK entertainment editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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