27 Crap Celebrity Encounters, As Told By Twitter

After sharing our own underwhelming celebrity encounters, we asked @BuzzFeedUK’s followers on Twitter to share their #crapcelebstories.

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@BuzzFeedUK Saw Michael Barrymore in Trafford Centre. My excited brother stumbled with his words and shouted "It's Barry Michaelmore!"

— Owen (@OwenH_)
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@BuzzFeedUK I heard Lenny Henry peeing once #crapcelebstory

— Robyn Wilder! (@orbyn)
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8. Many of them involved petrol stations.

@BuzzFeedUK My mum served Kate Middleton at a petrol station.

— traveljunkie (@traveljunkie09)
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@BuzzFeedUK I saw John Prescott buying a pasty at a service station #crapcelebstory

— Flo Edwards (@FloEdwards3)
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@BuzzFeedUK #crapcelebritystory once saw Adrian Chiles at a petrol station near Coventry

— Michael Doyle (@michael92doyle)
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@BuzzFeedUK I accidentally walked into the oncoming path of Emilia Fox and her car in a petrol station car park #crapcelebstory

— Matthew Tucker (@Matt_Tucker)
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12. Then there was this one.

@BuzzFeedUK I once played Andi Peters at Mortal Kombat. He was rubbish. #crapcelebstory

— nick smith (@nicolasjsmith)
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Andi Peters was asked about this directly.

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13. Many people have claimed to have met Andi Peters.

@BuzzFeedUK @andipeters once served me some free Nando's chicken at a promo event in Twickenham! #crapcelebstory

— Tom Christian (@Tom_Christian)
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No reply :(

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Served David Suchet (Poirot) in Clinton's Cards when I was 16. Offered him a big bag so he could put his umbrella in it too. #crapcelebstory

— Katie Steingold (@steinyK)
ID: 3285233

@BuzzFeedUK I once sold Gavin Henson sunbed tokens in the gym

— Marina Newth (@marinanewt)
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#crapcelebstory I saw Steve Coogan wear a nice pair of shoes in 2002 and decided to get the same but they were too expensive/effeminate.

— Han Solo (@mrhansolo)
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Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images / Via Twitter: @SophieHaII
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. @BuzzFeedUK Holly Willoughby once asked if it was OK to sit next to me in Starbucks, after I had been on a tour of the BBC #Crapcelebstory

— Daniel Puddicombe (@Thatcargeek)
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@BuzzFeedUK Ian Beale came into my shop to buy headphones,looked at the price and said they were cheaper on the internet.Then left tutting.

— David Kidd (@kidd_kong78)
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Ferdaus Shamim / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @hithereimsophie
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@BuzzFeedUK I saw the winner of Gok's Fashion Fix in the street in Brighton but I don't even know her name. #crapcelebstory

— Tilly Williams (@tilpool)
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@BuzzFeedUK I asked Matt Smith for a photo after a play and he said "I'm not doing photos" #crapcelebstory

— Rebecca Appleby (@bex_appleby)
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I walked behind Stephen Mulhern but didn't talk to him #crapcelebstory

— Liam Cooke (@liamcooke_)
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Larry Busacca / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @HelenPins
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26. And then there are ones like these.

@BuzzFeedUK We thought we saw Daniel Craig in a park in Manchester, but then we got a bit closer and it didn't look much like him actually.

— Sophie Hall (@SophieHaII)
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I sometimes used to deliver Charlotte Church's mail. Never actually saw her. #crapcelebstory

— Rhys Parry (@RhysParry65)
ID: 3285306

#crapcelebstory I once had a 5 min conversation with the guy that played Nigel in Eastenders, thinking I knew him. Only realised later.

— Paula Robinson (@paula504)
ID: 3285236

29. But the best one, by far.

I met the woman who knitted the Christmas jumper worn by Colin Firth in the film of Bridget Jones Diary #crapcelebstory

— BrianTheHack (@BrianTheHack)
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