26 Reasons You Should Be Obsessed With JacksGap

Britain’s most creative, charming and good looking YouTube duo.

This is JacksGap, one of the most popular YouTubers out there.

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1. Who are they? Well this is Jack.

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2. This is Finn.

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3. That’s right, they’re twins.

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4. They have nearly three million subscribers on YouTube for their creative, quirky videos.

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5. Why are they so popular? Well in one of their videos they turned their bedroom into a giant ball pit.

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6. There’s also a video consisting of Jack shopping in Sainsbury’s, whilst on a unicycle.

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7. They also once did a test to see how telepathic they are as twins.

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8. And there’s videos consisting of them trying on stuff that their fans send in to them.

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9. They’re also basically models.

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

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10. And they’re amazingly charitable too.

They recently raised $125,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust. You can donate here.

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But this makes me wonder…

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Even though fans joke that Finn is the better one…

ID: 1736225

Which one really IS the better twin?

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11. Well, Jack is a very good skateboarder…

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12. He can surf down streets really well.

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13. But then again Finn can somehow manage to pull this look off.

ID: 1730493

14. Jack? Not as well.

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15. But then again he can take a selfie whilst dangling out the side of a tuk tuk in rural India, like a pro…

ID: 1729092

16. What has Finn got? THAT LAUGH.

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17. But on the other hand, Jack is one fashionable chap.

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18. Wait, just wait. Finn has got balloons and some cake, just for you.

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19. Meanwhile, Jack would be a good kisser…

ID: 1729104

20. But Finn would you give you some good eyesex.

ID: 1729153

Is it just me or has it got suddenly quite hot in here?

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21. Jack has got a big camera lens…

Don't panic... I got the lens. This thing is bloody huge!

— Jack Harries (@JacksGap)

Jack Harries


Don’t panic… I got the lens. This thing is bloody huge!

/ Via
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22. Oh and he has big feet…. I’m just saying.

ID: 1730301

23. But Finn can seductively eat a banana…

ID: 1729062

24. … which resulted in #bananaslut trending.

#bananaslut is now trending across the world thanks to you awesome people. That has made my day! #brilliant

— Finn Harries (@FinnHarries)

Finn Harries


#bananaslut is now trending across the world thanks to you awesome people. That has made my day! #brilliant

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25. I mean, c’mon now…

ID: 1729028

26. They’re both perfect.

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