26 Questions You Always Ask When You Watch "Midsomer Murders"


1. Ahhhh Midsomer. So relaxing. So idyllic…

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2. Seriously. Why have so many people died?

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It is *simply* astonishing.

3. Why are these guys getting married? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

Someone is going to die. They should be running for the border.

4. Why are these guys at the fair? Bentley Productions / All3Media


5. SEE???!!! / Bentley Productions / All3Media

Uh oh.

6. Why isn’t the public alarmed after the murder? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

They’re probably chuckling to themselves: “hahaha oh there goes another one”.

Speaking of these murders…

7. Why are all murders down to just Barnaby to solve? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

40,000 murders. Just one man to solve them all.

Oh wait he has retired hasn’t he?

8. So why have they replaced him with his cousin? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

But this isn’t the most baffling thing in this show.

Here are some more questions.

9. Why is there a murder in the first five minutes?

Dmitry Zimin / Shutterstock

And if nobody has died within the first ten minutes you’re thinking…

10. and / Bentley Productions / All3Media

11. Does this sentence mean they’re going to die? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

12. Oh. Should I be feeling guilty about this now? / Bentley Productions / All3Media


13. Why couldn’t we see the murderer’s face? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

You don’t really mind though, because you’re trying to work out whether you can solve the case before they do, by judging all of the character’s facial expressions.

14. Could this person be the murderer? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

15. Could this person be the murderer? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

He’s being very helpful so far but what he’s said could ALL BE LIES.


Oh hang this is an advert break. It’s the woman from those SCS adverts.

Barnaby is now asking very important questions about the night that the murder took place… / Bentley Productions / All3Media

But now you’re starting to get rather confused…

17. Why is the murderer not very obvious?

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

18. And why is their family always so complicated?

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

There is some other things that are annoying you right now.

19. Why are you walking? Why aren’t you running? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

Somebody has died. This is a murder case. Why are you acting so relaxed?

20. Why have you got your tie undone? Bentley Productions / All3Media

You should be working all through the night Barnaby. ALL NIGHT.

21. Why have you stopped to have some dinner and a nice glass of wine? MULTIPLE PEOPLE HAVE DIED. / Bentley Productions / All3Media

Speaking about food and drink.

22. Is that somebody dropping ribena into water? / Bentley Productions / All3Media


23. Oh great someone else is now dead, right? / Bentley Productions / All3Media

If you didn’t waste time drinking wine, walking slowly and thinking about ribena we wouldn’t be here right now. But this death produces new leads.

24. What is about to happen? This is so crucial…

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Oh wait. You’ve fallen asleep.

25. Oh god I haven’t fallen asleep in front of the TV have I?

Last night I fell asleep on the sofa whilst watching a recorded episode of Midsomer Murders. Just in case you wondered how middle-aged I am.

— IHPower (@Ian Power)

Oh dear! Once again my planned "early night" turned into a "fall asleep in front of #MidsomerMurders night"

— LouBcakes (@Louisa Bland)

Yes. You have. Well done you.

It’s now 10.55pm. You have woken up in front of the television, only to find that Barnaby has caught the person responsible for the murders.

Dmitry Zimin / Shutterstock / Bentley Productions / All3Media


Oh of course. It was the brother-in-law’s secret cousin’s lesbian lover’s dog walker who killed everyone.

But having gotten your guess of who was guilty wrong (before passing out for most of the entire show), you’re starting to wish that there was a different culprit entirely.

26. The SCS woman did it. Didn’t she? DIDN’T SHE?

Legal disclaimer: The SCS sofa advert woman hasn’t killed 18 people near the village of Midsomer following a county fair. Got it? GOOD.

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