11 Reasons We All Wish We Were Lord Flashheart


1. You can enter any room by the ceiling.

BBC Comedy Greats / youtube.com

2. Before breaking the “fourth wall.”

Blackadder / BBC

3. And then punch people you don’t like in the face.

Blackadder / BBC

4. You can flirt with outrageous lines like this.

Blackadder / BBC / Via youtube.com

This is followed by you shouting at your own crotch “down boy down!”

5. Followed by boasting your sex achievements.

Blackadder / BBC / Via BBC Comedy Greats / youtube.com

6. Not forgetting this one.

BBC / Blackadder
BBC / Blackadder

7. You have the power to laugh at your own jokes.

Blackadder / BBC

8. And then after anyone tells a joke you get to swing it back around to being a boast about how great you are at everything about sex again.

BBC / Blackadder
BBC / Blackadder

9. People also go to extreme lengths to prove their fandom.

Blackadder / BBC / youtube.com
Blackadder / BBC / youtube.com
Blackadder / BBC / youtube.com

10. Oh and you also do this all the time.

BBC / Blackadder / youtube.com

11. Although Baldrick does get your catchphrase wrong.

BBC Worldwide / youtube.com

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