Never Greens

The name for people who don’t buy into the green movement at all, and never will. Yes, there are people out there trying to buy bigger, lower gas mileage Hummers because they don’t believe in this whole “let’s try to save the Earth and thus ourselves” notion. And marketers want to find out how to sell things to those people.

I mostly like old, unpopular things, like from 2002. I'm also 102 years old.
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  • Officials released new footage proving Sandra Bland was "alive and well" when her mugshot was taken. The release aims to counter social media rumors that she was deceased in the photo.
  • The U.S. will release Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard after 30 years. The move isn't tied to the Iran nuclear deal, American officials say.
  • The NFL has upheld Tom Brady's four-game suspension for his alleged involvement with the deflation of footballs 🏈
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