Myspace Yourself In Under 2 Minutes

BuzzFeed’s new Myspace Yourself tool pulls in your Facebook data to create an awesome, blinged-out Myspace page in no time at all. Here’s how to do it right now!

1. First, head to

ID: 598258

2. Then log in to your Facebook account…

ID: 598289

3. …let the flux capacitor take your info back in time…

ID: 598286

4. …and BOOM! You’ve been Myspaced!

ID: 598300

5. Now, bling it out!

You can customize both the look of the page and the information it shows.

ID: 598325

6. Click “Customize Page” to remove info you don’t want on the page, choose your Top 8 friends, etc.

To choose friends:
— Unselect the friends already highlighted in yellow.
— Scroll through to show the friends you want to appear. Choose wisely! Who you put in your Top 8 is very important.

To edit other info:
— Click the X to remove that bit of information from the page. Click + to add it back.

ID: 598351

7. Click “Gimme a cool design!” to pimp your layout!

ID: 598375

9. Once you’ve got a look you like, click “Save”…

ID: 598387

10. And now you’ve got your very own Myspace page, freshly filled with all your Facebook info. Your friends are going to want to see this!

ID: 598391

11. Try it yourself!

ID: 598395
ID: 598798

13. (And we’ve got a Geocities Yourself version, too, if you’re more old school.)

Try it at

ID: 598795

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