Myspace Yourself In Under 2 Minutes

BuzzFeed’s new Myspace Yourself tool pulls in your Facebook data to create an awesome, blinged-out Myspace page in no time at all. Here’s how to do it right now!

1. First, head to

2. Then log in to your Facebook account…

3. …let the flux capacitor take your info back in time…

4. …and BOOM! You’ve been Myspaced!

5. Now, bling it out!

You can customize both the look of the page and the information it shows.

6. Click “Customize Page” to remove info you don’t want on the page, choose your Top 8 friends, etc.

To choose friends:
— Unselect the friends already highlighted in yellow.
— Scroll through to show the friends you want to appear. Choose wisely! Who you put in your Top 8 is very important.

To edit other info:
— Click the X to remove that bit of information from the page. Click + to add it back.

7. Click “Gimme a cool design!” to pimp your layout!

9. Once you’ve got a look you like, click “Save”…

10. And now you’ve got your very own Myspace page, freshly filled with all your Facebook info. Your friends are going to want to see this!

11. Try it yourself!

13. (And we’ve got a Geocities Yourself version, too, if you’re more old school.)

Try it at

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