4 Firefighters Shot In Webster, NY

A gunman opened fire on emergency teams as the responded to a house fire in the western New York town of Webster. Two firefighters were killed. “It does appear that [the fire scene] was a trap that was set,” said the local police chief.

WEBSTER, N.Y. — Police say four firefighters responding to a local house fire were shot and two were killed this morning in western New York.

Local officials say that when fire trucks arrived to respond to the fire early this morning, an unnamed shooter opened fire. Two firefighters are being treated for their wounds. The shooter is also dead, though it’s unclear if he died after engaging the SWAT team or from a self-inflicted wound.

Local police chief Gerald Pickering told reporters the fire appeared to be set on purpose to lure responders. “It does appear that [the fire scene] was a trap that was set,” Pickering said in a press conference.

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A fire burns on Lake Road after a suspect shot four firefighters responding to the blaze in Webster, New York, December 24, 2012.

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Local police address the media.

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