19 Amazing GIFs Of Courage

Courage comes in all shapes and sizes. Scope is courage, an ounce at a time. It’s a tingly, refreshing fear-destroyer that freshens your breath and brings your courage out of hibernation. Let’s see what happens when you’ve got some courage inside!

1. Social courage is taking more chances.

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2. Social courage is going with the flow and making the best out of your situations.

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3. It’s putting yourself out there like you never thought you could.

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4. The world is your stage!

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5. When you’re courageous, you don’t care what people think about you!

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6. Courage helps you dance like no one is watching.

ID: 632582

7. Keep on cheering!

ID: 649763

8. Keep on dancing!

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9. Do what you do.

ID: 649773

10. Shake your tail feather.

ID: 649765

11. Just dance!

ID: 649944

12. And sing like no one is listening.

ID: 632586

13. Go out there!

ID: 649771

14. Courage helps you be a leader for your friends.

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15. Courage helps you turn strangers into friends.

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16. And friends into followers.

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17. Courage just helps you be you!

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18. Because you’re awesome.

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19. And isn’t that a great feeling?

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