17 Easy Ways To Start A Conversation With A Stranger

Talking to new people isn’t hard. Seriously! Anyone can do it if they build up a little courage. So swish some Scope, and let’s start making friends!

So, you’re in a social situation, and you DON’T KNOW ANYBODY. What do you do?

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1. Breathe! Relax!

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2. You’re an awesome and interesting person.

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3. Yes, you are. Now let’s build up some social courage and do this!

Freshen your mouth with some Scope, and let’s go.

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4. Okay. Send positive physical cues.

Don’t do this.

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5. Look inviting!

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6. Try breaking the ice with a nice compliment.

…But not like that.

How about, “Hey, cool looking shoes/haircut/book you’re reading!”

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7. If you don’t want to go that route, try mistaking the other person for another acquaintance.

Or maybe a famous person.

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8. Try and find someone where you can bond over a mutual friend.

“You and Mary are best friends? I went to school with her!”

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9. And if there aren’t any mutual friends, bring up something that you both have in common.

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10. If you’re really at a loss for what to say, break the ice by asking for directions somewhere.

Just remember to think of something to say afterward…

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11. When you’re introducing yourself, try not to mumble!

No one will understand you.

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12. AND REMEMBER: Don’t be too invasive with your questions!

Nothing too personal, please.

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13. Some people just don’t want to talk! Don’t bother people who look disinterested or uncomfortable.

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14. Don’t sweat it! Just move on to somebody else who looks friendly.

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15. If you must, talk about the weather.

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16. But your best bet is bringing up timely topics. Like a funny cat video that’s been going around the Internet.

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17. Almost everybody loves cat videos.

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So good luck, matey! You’ll be making friends with strangers in no time.

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And remember, you’ll always have us!

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