Sweet Recycling Game Made By An 11-Year-Old

I was a nerd and a tree-hugger … not much different from the adult I am today. And to clarify, I made this for FUN, in my spare time. This was not for a school project. [Ed. note: This is part of keepsake show and tell project.]

The game board complete with “You Littered!” spaces

ID: 780050

The game pieces - oh so meticulously crafted with Paint.

ID: 780051

Directions cover page …

ID: 780053

The directions! “This game was made to make people aware of what is happening to the Earth and what they can do about it.”

ID: 780054

Last page of directions

“We urge you to help the environment become a cleaner place for a better tomorrow” - I think I watched too many PSAs as a kid.

ID: 780055

The “Player Cards” - recyclables

ID: 780056

One of the question cards - the answers are on the last page of the directions booklet. I would’ve been more impressed had I actually listed a reference for these answers.

ID: 780058

Another question card.

ID: 780059

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