14 Workplace Crimes That Make Us Want To Drive Off Into The Sunset

Sometimes the little annoyances of the 9 to 5 make you wanna just get away. There’s no better way to go the distance than by driving something that really packs a punch, like the New 2014 Scion tC.

1. When someone disrespects the coffee.

genderqueerkid / Via instagram.com

The most important rule: if you kill the jo, you gotta make some mo.

ID: 1301790

2. Sitting next to someone who found the squeakiest object ever and made it into a chair.

Weldon Kennedy / Via Flickr: 99123936@N00

Double annoyance points if it’s ever used for mid-afternoon crunches.

ID: 1305339

3. Hearing a neighbor’s jams whether you like it or not:

rramos05 / Via instagram.com

There are many ways of sharing your music; this is not the best way.

ID: 1303093


Rob Marquardt / Via Flickr: sometoast

Every conversation doesn’t have to feel like it’s at an eleven, right?

ID: 1300806

5. When you witness the free food getting ruined.

maleemoua / Via instagram.com

The. Absolute. Worst. Thing. To. Do. Ever.

ID: 1300919

6. Or when your lunch is stolen.

ymakris11 / Via instagram.com

The sticky note is a sacred bond between human and food.

ID: 1301003

7. Sharing a space with someone who overcommits to a desk theme.

Joshua Smith / Via Flickr: jdsmith1021

Massive shrines are great, but consider erecting them where they can’t topple over on your coworkers.

ID: 1300593

8. Always hearing about how bad the job is from someone who does the same job as you.

Kate Haskell / Via Flickr: fuzzcat

And all you can think is, “I know. I know. I was there.”

ID: 1300891

9. Receiving unnecessary e-mails that only say “thx”

sadshop / Via etsy.com

Not everything has to be sent to everyone ALL the time.

ID: 1301262

10. When you have to interact with someone who should have just taken a sick day.

chef_canio / Via instagram.com

Dedication is contagious! …but so is the flu.

ID: 1301041

11. Having more work than a human can handle:

didadipe / Via instagram.com

Last time you checked, you weren’t a small army of super-people.

ID: 1302996

12. Someone taking a phone call from the bathroom.

bmxking454 / Via instagram.com

If someone calls while nature is calling, let it go to voicemail.

ID: 1302913

13. When corporate culture smacks you in the face.

infinitelmao / Via instagram.com

“Always be ready for anything” should not apply to flying projectiles.

ID: 1303140

14. When you let someone borrow your supplies, and they’re returned damaged.

Erich Ferdinand / Via Flickr: erix

Maybe you did lend out your pen with all these teeth marks. But probably not.

ID: 1300851

Inspired by the New 2014 Scion tC:

ID: 1454573

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