29 Signs You Work In A Research Lab

You know you work in a research lab if…

1. 1. You can hold a bottle and unscrew its lid simultaneously in one hand

2. 2. When you hear the word “media” you think of this:

3. 3. Not this…

4. 4. You know how to make living things glow

5. 5. You’ve used Kimwipes as tissues, paper towels, napkins, and just about everything in between

6. 6. You think of temperature in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit

It’s 90 degrees outside? That’s deadly!

7. 7. A good portion of your job is waiting for these to reach 0:00

8. 8. You’re not afraid of mice or rats

9. 9. You’ve become non-responsive to the fire alarm

Because research is so much more important than life itself, right!?

10. 10. Coming into work at 9:00 is early

11. 11. And leaving at 5:00 is late

12. 12. These signs don’t scare you

15. 13. You know how cold -80º C is

16. 14. You sometimes have to eat lunch in just a few minutes or skip it entirely because of the timing of your experiments

17. 15. You have arbitrarily mixed chemicals before (or have at least considered doing so)

18. 16. When measuring liquids while cooking, you check the meniscus to ensure accuracy

19. 17. You’ve been tempted to spray down your kitchen with ethanol

20. 18. You never set caps face-down on a surface, like this:

21. 19. You have an uncanny love for liquid nitrogen…

22. 20. And for dry ice…

23. 21. You jump for joy when you get an already-trained student into your lab…

Because it means less work for you!

24. 22. No one understand what you do

And you gave up long ago on trying to explain it to people who will never understand…

25. 23. This makes sense to you

26. 24. And you can even pronounce its name

(3 R ,4 R ,10 E ,12 E ,14 S ,26 R ,26a S )-26-[[2-(diethylamino)-ethyl]sulfonyl]-8,9,14,15,24, 25,26,26a-octahydro-14-hydroxy-3-isopropyl-4,12-dimethyl-3 H -21,18-nitrilo-1 H ,22 H -pyrrolo[2,1- c ][1,8,4,19]-dioxadiazacyclotetracosine-1,7,16,22(4 H ,17 H )-tetrone.

27. 25. You get weird looks going to work in the summer because you have to wear pants

28. 26. And even though your research sometimes makes no progress…

29. 27. …And your job doesn’t pay as much as you think it should…

30. 28. …You always feel good knowing that you’re helping humanity…

31. 29. …And deep down, you know you’d never want to do anything else

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